Saffire Freycinet – Tasmania – The Details

A visit to Saffire Freycinet is not something you undertake casually.

Travel to/from Saffire from the mainland of Australia takes at least half a day.  The cost of visiting isn’t trivial – both getting there and actually being there.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you are looking for a luxury + nature holiday location, this property should be high on the list you consider.

Getting to Tasmania

The most typical plan is to fly to Hobart (HBA), then either rent a car or reserve a driver to get you from the airport to the property.  Flights into HBA aren’t as regular as other Australian capital cities.  Indeed, the metro area has only slightly more than 200,000 people, so while there are flights, they’re not super regular.   Your origin choices are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  There isn’t service from Adelaide or Canberra.  Both Qantas and Virgin service the city.  The airport does not have jetbridges.

The property maintains a lounge and staff at HBA.  Their staff will meet you as you arrive and if you’ve reserved a driver, will look after you the entire time.  They had waters and snacks in hand when we entered the terminal and took care of all of our luggage.

Hobart Airport Lounge

The property’s airport lounge is a comfortable but simple affair.  It is located landside, and can be accessed upon arrive or departure.  The lounge offered some limited snack foods (think chips, etc), drinks (including alcohol) as well as showers and toilets.

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Getting to the Property

From HBA, it is a two to three hour drive, depending on the driver, weather, trucks, etc, entirely on two-lane roads.  The driving directions are relatively straightforward and there are few turns that you need to make.  I wouldn’t hesitate to undertake the drive myself – if I wasn’t arriving directly from the US.  As we had been going for some 36 hours, a driver was the right choice for us.  The cost of the private driver was several hundred dollars each way.


Location of the Property

It is helpful to understand how the property is situated.  Located on the edge of Freycinet National Park.  The park is actually somewhat small, as it measures some 65 square miles, but has significant amounts of coastline – so it feels much bigger.

There is a small village near the property, but we did not visit it.  I asked about the village at the front desk, but they said it was “not much.”  From our two drives through it, I would concur with the view of the hotel.



Details About Your Stay

The property is a nearly all-inclusive property.  All of your meals are included, as well as alcohol and wine and canapes.  There may have been a “reserve” wine list, but I don’t recall it.  Meals can be taken in the dining room or via room service.  Many “experiences” (tours/activities) are also included in the price of a stay.  There were several add-on options which you could consider as well.

The only supplemental add-on we undertook was the boat cruise.  This would be a definite recommendation, as it provides a very nice perspective on the geography of the area.  We did this our first morning, which allowed us to use the knowledge we gained to benefit a few other aspects of our trip.


It is important to plan your on-property itinerary in advance.  If you contact the property a month or two before you arrive, you can have all of the details arranged and set.  The property was very good about communicating via email.

I noted one or two parties trying to make arrangements for activities during their stay, and they faced some capacity issues.

We generally plan one morning activity and one afternoon activity, followed by drinks and dinner.  While some may consider it wasteful, we try to include at least one half-day of doing nothing.  This allowed for an impromptu walk on the beach, some reading, and some frolicking in our tiny private pool.



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