Four Seasons Hong Kong – Another Perfect Stay

Overview: A strong in-city business hotel with plenty of resort amenities
Strengths: Location, views, facilities, service, dining
Drawbacks: None

Four Seasons Hong Kong
Four Seasons Hong Kong

Returning after a perfect stay several years back (reviewed here), I had high expectations for my stay.  I’m pleased to report that this stay also fell into the “perfect” category.

This visit began with a jetbridge greeting from a Four Seasons host.  She walked us a short distance to a golf buggy which drove us to the immigration area.  We had to wait in the immigration queue, but we were fortunate that the queue only had a dozen or so passengers ahead of us.

Our host met us on the other side of immigration and escorted us through baggage claim, through customs and directly to our waiting car.


At our early hour (prior to 6am), traffic was light and we arrived at the hotel in no time.  Several bellmen greeted our car and brought our luggage to the front desk for us.


Check-in was warm and professional.  We pre-booked our rooms from the night before, so, despite the early arrival, our rooms were guaranteed for us.

This time, we booked Premier Club Harbour rooms.  Only a handful of Four Seasons properties have Clubs, and this stay had a number of benefits for us.  No upgrade was offered, nor did we inquire.

I declined to have the bellman carry my bags and took them directly to the room.

My room was in the same southeast stack of the hotel that I was in last time.  This time, I was on a much higher floor.  The room had a wonderful view of the harbor.

Premier Room at Four Seasons Hong Kong
Premier Room at Four Seasons Hong Kong


FS-HKG15-01FS-HKG15-03 FS-HKG15-04FS-HKG15-05 FS-HKG15-07

We well designed spot to place luggage
We well designed spot to place luggage
Plenty of universal power adapters
Several universal power adapters were in the room

The room had wonderful harbor views.

FS-HKG15-06 FS-HKG15-13

The bathroom was well laid out and offered double vanities, a step in shower and separate tub.

FS-HKG15-10 FS-HKG15-11 FS-HKG15-12 FS-HKG15-09

There was a thoughtful welcome amenity in the room upon arrival.  The juice was still quite cold upon my arrival!


I enjoyed room service breakfast one morning.  It was very good and served very quickly.

FS-HKG15-35 FS-HKG15-34

The Club offered a full breakfast spread with the option to have egg and other dishes cooked to order.  Pre-dinner canapés (and cocktails) made a welcome stop before dinner each night.

FS-HKG15-32 FS-HKG15-31



The Club also offered a small outdoor balcony with several high tables for sitting.

View from Club balcony
View from Club balcony


Private reception room on the Club level
Private reception room on the Club level

One of the benefits of the Club floor is having six items pressed each day.  For business travelers with lots of things crammed into a suit case, this is a very handy service.  The hotel returned items consistently in less than an hour.

Previously, the Four Seasons had two three Michelin starred restaurants.  Caprice, their Italian venue, has been downgraded to two stars.  Lung King Heen, their Chinese restaurant, is the only three-starred Chinese restaurant in the world.  I’ve long been intrigued by the restaurant and the hotel arranged a table for us.  We allowed the waiter to “pick the best dishes” and left things in his hands.  While the dinner was very good, compared to other two or three starred meals I’ve had around the world, this wasn’t at the same level.  I enjoyed dinner but frankly am a bit perplexed by the strong rating.  Nevertheless, considering this was in-hotel dining, the meal was very good.

On the advice of HKTraveler on FlyerTalk, I also asked the hotel for a booking at The Chairman.  Located a few blocks from the hotel, this restaurant has been considered bit of a “foodie” destination in Hong Kong for some time.  My colleague and I were very impressed with the meal.

We did try pigeon, which was served with the head.  (We didn’t eat the head.)  The entire meal was quite good.  The restaurant was completely full.  It is notable that the concierge could arrange this booking for us.


The “extra” Virtuoso credit at this hotel was a spa credit.  I did have some time one afternoon so I took advantage of the spa benefit.  Of course, all massages were at least double the cost of the credit – but I found the massage to be very strong.  The locker area had all the accouterments you would expect, included dry and wet saunas and a whirlpool tub.  There were several locker attendants who were quite attentive.

I did get to spend a bit of time in the pool as well.  There were several attendants who were very quick to help me get settled.  Every hotel should offer this sort of poolside service.

Four Seasons Hong Kong Pool
Four Seasons Hong Kong Pool

The gym was reasonably large for a hotel gym.  There was a staff member on hand to offer any assistance needed.  (The gym is more than twice the size shown here.)


* * * * *

Based on several stays and other visits, it is easy to call this one of the top city hotels in the world.  This property has the formula for running a city luxury hotel down cold.

One small suggestion I would make is to offer in-room check-in for FSPP (Four Seasons Preferred Partner) guests.  At the majority of other hotels in Asia where I stay (typically as part of FSPP, Ritz Stars, Virtuoso or other high-end programs), I am offered in-room check-in.  While purely a luxury service, this sort of service makes arrival a little bit more comfortable.  I’ve never been offered this at the Four Seasons Hong Kong.  If this hotel was seeking to turn things up a bit further, that might be a service to consider offering.

I struggle to see myself staying anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Four Seasons Hong Kong
8 Finance Street, Central
Hong Kong, China SAR
Tel. (852) 3196-8888 Fax. (852) 3196-8899
Twitter: @FSHongKong

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