Seattle’s Hotel 1000 – Better Than Expected

Overview: A solid in-city luxury hotel
Strengths: service, location
Drawbacks: rooms are fine, but not great; lighting

A short business trip brought me to Seattle earlier this month.  My default hotel in town is the Four Seasons, but this time I decided to try someplace new to me, the Hotel 1000.

While definitely more in the 4-star-plus category (versus five star), I was quite pleased with my stay and plan to consider this in my Seattle rotation going forward.

I booked in advance via a Virtuoso agent.  I arrived at the hotel a little after 11am (though I didn’t provide the hotel with any arrival information).  The front door was staffed by several bellmen who assisted me with my bags getting out of my taxi and who also held the door for me.

The front desk was staffed by several agents, who also greeted me with a friendly smile.  Simply by giving my name verbally, the agent recognized me as a Virtuoso guest.  Mindful that I was arriving several hours before check-in time, she offered to see if there was a way to get me into a room.

Hotel 1000 Lobby
Hotel 1000 Lobby

Very quickly, she said I could have a room immediately in the category that I booked (a Deluxe Room, their second category), or wait a few hours for an upgraded room (in the Corner Studio Suite category).  I went with the immediate check-in option, though really appreciated the pro-active approach that the agent took.  (My colleague elected to wait and took an upgrade.  His room was larger, with windows on two sides, but the next category is not a divided suite.)

She also explained the other Virtuoso benefits, including the $100 F&B credit. She made clear that the credit included mini-bar items, which is a welcome treat.  Breakfast could be taken in the restaurant or via room service.  Room service was offered 24-hours.

My room itself was reasonably nice.  Nothing overly luxurious, but everything in good order.   There were several lights that I couldn’t figure out how to operate and did find the room a bit dark.  I didn’t call down to the desk for help.

Hotel1KSea-01 Hotel1KSea-03 Hotel1KSea-04

The bed was comfortable and there were a variety of pillows.



In-room wifi was fast, free and did not require any codes.  This is ideal.

The room offered partially obstructed views of Puget Sound.

Hotel1KSea-08 Hotel1KSea-09

The mini-bar was covered by the $100 F&B credit.

Hotel1KSea-05 Hotel1KSea-06

The bathroom was finished in some fairly dark colors, but did include a glass wall to afford access to the views, if desired.  There was also a power shade to offer full privacy, if desired.  The shower and tub were separate.

Hotel1KSea-10 Hotel1KSea-11 Hotel1KSea-13 Hotel1KSea-15 Hotel1KSea-14

The shower had “club” style amenities – meaning large bottles with pumps – which certainly helps avoid waste of little plastic bottles.  Though it would have been nice had the shampoo and soap dispensers put out a bit more product with each squirt, this approach is much more environmentally thoughtful and cost effective when compared to countless individual bottles.


The tub was a bit unusual in that the water poured in from a spigot in the ceiling.  While I’d seen showers that are ceiling mounted (I have one at home), I’d never seen a tub pour straight water down from the ceiling.

Odd Water Situation!
Odd Water Situation!

Breakfast was just “OK.”  I ordered the smoked salmon plate, substituting toast for the normal bagel.  It was fine, but the plate included perhaps the least salmon I’d ever seen on such a plate and the only garnish (beyond cream cheese) was a large pile of red onions.

More onions than salmon!
More onions than salmon!


The corridors had a bit of a “Hyatt” feel to them.

Hotel1KSea-19 Hotel1KSea-18 Hotel1KSea-17

The elevator buttons were illuminated from above.  I don’t recall seeing such a set up in ages.  It added a pleasant tone to the elevators.


Off to the side of the lobby was a sitting room with fireplace.  This was a very comfortable room and would be a nice spot to host a guest.  There didn’t appear to be waiter service, but I suspect if you asked, something could be arranged.

Lobby Sitting Area
Lobby Sitting Area

We had lunch in Boka, their lobby restaurant.  The food was very good and the service was unusually nice.  We also visited for a drink after our dinner meeting, and the bartender was also very friendly.

The hotel offers a Lexus ES300 as a house car.  Unfortunately, it was not available any time we were leaving the hotel.  Fortunately, Uber is quick and easy in Seattle, with many rides within down town costing less than $6.

On the lower level of the hotel, guests will find a spa and gym.  The hotel also has two golf simulators downstairs, fashioned as a bit of a golf club.  You could play a virtual round at any number of courses.  Time didn’t permit making it downstairs, thought I would try in the future.  The Conrad Seoul had a similar golf setup!

Check out took an extra minute as they had only pre-processed the F&B credit, and not the breakfast credit.  They gladly made the adjustment and emailed the bill to me.

* * * * *

Every service interaction I had at the hotel left me with a positive feeling.  The staff consistently had a “can-do” attitude.   While perhaps not always as refined as possible, everyone really seemed to care and requests were never met with anything but yes.  It is pretty rare to find this at a hotel and turned a reasonable stay into an excellent stay.

My room was roughly 40% less than the cost of a room at the Four Seasons (just a few blocks away).  While definitely at a different category of property compared to the Four Seasons, for a value play in Seattle, I’d put this hotel high on the list.

* * * * *

I spent some time at an office of a firm that we do business with at my company.  Their office offered an “above the clouds” view of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding city.  Just gorgeous.

Hotel1KSea-25 Hotel1KSea-26
Hotel 1000 Seattle
1000 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
+1 206 957 1000


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