A Family South African Safari – Photos (Part B)

A Family South African Safari

1 – Introduction
2 – A Pit Stop in Paris
3 – Tanda Tula
4 – Londolozi Founder’s Camp
5a – Safari Photos – Part A
5b – Safari Photos – Part B
6 – Cape Grace Hotel
7 – Cape Town Activities
8 – Emirates First Class – Thoughts and Observations
9 – Conclusion, A Few Safari Tips and Future Plans

Continuing with Part B of the photos from yesterday’s post, let me also share these with you.


Froth after the battle

Saf5b-022 Saf5b-023 Saf5b-024 Saf5b-025 Saf5b-026Saf5b-021 Saf5b-027 Saf5b-028 Saf5b-030 Saf5b-032 Saf5b-033 Saf5b-034 Saf5b-035 Saf5b-036 Saf5b-038 Saf5b-039 Saf5b-040 Saf5b-041 Saf5b-042 Saf5b-043 Saf5b-044 Saf5b-045 Saf5b-046 Saf5b-047 Saf5b-050 Saf5b-051 Saf5b-052 Saf5b-053

Mixed SceneSaf5b-055

Other Infrequently Seen Animals (and a skull)Saf5b-056 Saf5b-058 Saf5b-059 Saf5b-060 Saf5b-062 Saf5b-063Saf5b-073

RhinosSaf5b-065 Saf5b-066 Saf5b-067 Saf5b-068

SunsetsSaf5b-069 Saf5b-070 Saf5b-071 Saf5b-072


Wild Dogs (I didn’t know how rare these were)Saf5b-075 Saf5b-076 Saf5b-077 Saf5b-078

Wildebeests and BuffaloSaf5b-081 Saf5b-082 Saf5b-083 Saf5b-084

ZebrasSaf5b-085 Saf5b-086 Saf5b-087 Saf5b-088 Saf5b-089 Saf5b-090 Saf5b-091 Saf5b-092 Saf5b-093 Saf5b-094

Hippos (never saw them out of the water)Saf5b-001 Saf5b-002

HyenasSaf5b-005 Saf5b-006 Saf5b-007

Impala and Similar (the snack food of the bush)Saf5b-008 Saf5b-009 Saf5b-010 Saf5b-011 Saf5b-012 Saf5b-013 Saf5b-014 Saf5b-015 Saf5b-016

The report continues here.






One comment on “A Family South African Safari – Photos (Part B)

  1. Great pics! Love the wild dogs. What strange creatures they are! I’ve seen them once in Kenya and couldn’t believe the sound they make to call each other.

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