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A few weeks ago, I received an email at work which at first I thought was a spoof email.  The email appeared to be from Four Seasons and was offering an “elite card.”  The email didn’t have a professional feel to it, so I proceeded with caution (meaning: I brought in our IT director to look at the message with me).

I recalled hearing that FS was working on some sort of recognition program and it turns out the email was a legitimate invitation for their by-invitation-only program.


The card is a metal card, similar to the Chase Sapphire cards and came very nicely packaged.  The box also included two supplemental plastic cards to give to your assistant and/or family who books travel for you.  Despite the handsome packaging, my main card was missing some of the coloring on the right hand side.


I typically stay 20-30 nights a year at Four Seasons properties and book via FSPP agents, I find the treatment at their hotels is nearly always very good.  I have another pan-Asian trip coming up later this year and I will include several FS properties in my itinerary.

Frankly, this is a bit of a welcome development.  Four Seasons has a phone app which can be used to request early check-ins and coordinate other services.  However, reservations are only linked by your email address – and like many, I have several addresses.  The time I’ve spent trying to sort out which bookings were made with which addresses had completely dissuaded me from using the app.  Hopefully the common member number will be helpful in using the app as well.

Has anyone else received one of these cards?

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  1. It appears FS has mined their data and selected FT over a certain threshold and you got it !! Nothing on their website.

    With Hyatt’s change I am wondering if Ritz or FS might be a better option.

    Time will tell on FS

  2. I have one of these. I have not honestly noticed any in-hotel superior treatment since I’ve had one. For example, I can’t recall ever, pre- or post- card, being upgraded on arrival (sometimes I have a confirmed pre-arrival upgrade through my FSPP agent). My standards are pretty high (I have a Hyatt courtesy card) but this card has yielded really nothing measurable fro me in about a year I have had it.

    1. Thanks for the post. Interesting to hear of your limited upgrades.

      Even prior to the card, just booking via FSPP agents, I end up with upgrades at most of the FS properties I stay at (with significant upgrades at a few properties).

      Are your stays typically limited just to peak periods?

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