Rosewood Tucker’s Point Bermuda – Probably the best on the island

Overview: A well finished four star resort hotel
Strengths: Size and finishes of rooms, F&B, pools, [beach]
Drawbacks: Musty smell in my room, some “island time” issues
Notable: Very close to airport (but no jet noise) and also very close to Mid Ocean Club (top golf club on the island)

Bermuda has so much potential.  Very close to the US East Coast.  Great beaches.  British charms.  In general, however, it does not fully capitalize on its potential and typically doesn’t deliver a true luxury experience.  Prior stays at the Fairmont Southampton, Fairmont Hamilton and Elbow Beach (formerly a Mandarin property) have all disappointed.  Stays many (15+) years ago at the Marriott Castle Harbor (the property that is now the location of the Rosewood!) grossly disappointed.

A recent business trip to Bermuda brought me to the Rosewood Tucker’s Point for a night.  Compared to any of the other properties I’ve stayed at in Bermuda, without question, this one is the tops.  It is by no means perfect – but it is better than anything else I’ve experienced on the island across half a dozen visits.


Arriving around noon, my assigned (upgraded) room wasn’t ready.  More keen to get a room than an upgrade, I asked if any room was ready.  After some ten minutes on the phone and fussing with his computer, the desk clerk identified a room that would be available.  He warned me it was on the first floor, but I was fine with that.

I was not escorted to my room but shown to the direction of the lifts.  (I had to go down a level to get to my room.)

Upon entering my room, I was greeted with a fairly heavy musty smell.  (I recall a similar smell in every room I’ve stayed in on this island!)  Within a few minutes, thankfully, I become acclimated to the must.

Beyond the must, the room was in very good condition.  The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom and closet were spacious.

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My room was not only on the first floor, it opened directly onto the Castle Harbor pool.  (One of several pools at the property.)

Castle Harbor Pool at night!
Castle Harbor Pool at night!

While I definitely sacrificed a bit of privacy, it was very convenient to be able to walk right out to the pool from my room.  Despite assurances on the hotel’s website that there was service during the days at the pool, nary a waiter was visible in three hours out by the pool.  (There were 10+ guests by the pool.)

There are several pools at the property, including the beach club.

Palm Court Pool
Palm Court Pool

There is a beach club as part of the hotel.  I didn’t visit, but from looking at Google Maps, it is just a short walk from the main hotel building.  A friend of mine with an interest in a house on the property advises me the beach is pleasant.

There appeared to be other family-friendly activities available.

Table Tennis
Table Tennis

I ate lunch in one of the restaurants and ordered in-room breakfast.  Both were pleasantly good meals and there were no delays.

As part of my Virtuoso package, the welcome amenity was supplies for dark and stormies!  This was waiting for me after I came back from a fairly wine-soaked dinner.  I had a few post-dinner calls to take and figured enjoying a drink by the pool with a D&S would be a great idea.  The second one was probably a less good idea – but it was a creative welcome amenity.


Check-out took a bit of negotiating to get breakfast removed and the $100 Virtuoso resort credit applied.  It ultimately all worked out – but it is always frustrating when the onus is put on the guest to look after these things.

While I wouldn’t call this an aspirational hotel, as trips bring me to Bermuda, I will certainly seek this property over others.

Rosewood Tuckers Point Bermuda
60 Tucker’s Point Dr., Hamilton Parish, HS 02 Bermuda
+1 441 298 4000

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