Trump Soho – Politics aside, a reasonably good hotel

Overview: A luxury high-rise property in Soho
Strengths: Quality rooms, pro-active Virtuoso treatment, panoramic views
Drawbacks: Some of the room service items disappointed, limited pool hours
Notable: Pool hours were surprisingly limited

One night earlier this year, I had a late dinner in the city followed by a client golf event in New Jersey the next morning.  Living in Connecticut, going home would have taken a fair bit of time, so I decided to stay in the city for the night.

Shopping around, most Virtuoso properties were well over $500 per night, with several offering lead-in rooms at $1,000 or more.  The low-cost Virtuoso solution was the Trump Soho, which was offering rooms at less than $300 a night!  While downtown usually commands lower rates than midtown or uptown, the disparity in price was greater than normal.

Though my time at the property was brief, what jumped out at me was that I was probably the only American staying at the hotel.  I cannot think of a single guest that I saw there that appeared to be from the U.S; the guests consistently had distinct traits of European and Asian homes.  This was in no way an issue for me – but perhaps reflects the stark reality of running a hotel chain as a highly opinionated politician?

Let’s begin…

I arrived after 10pm and was warmly greeted by a doorman who escorted me to the front desk.  Check-in was handled smoothly and I was advised of the Virtuoso benefits that came with my booking.  The agent also pro-actively said, “let me see if I can find you an upgrade.”  While an upgrade wasn’t essential, it is always welcome to have the front desk agent offer instead of having to ask.  Indeed, the agent upgraded my lead-in room to a Premier One Bedroom suite.

The suite was comfortably appointed.  It didn’t have the refined feel that the Four Seasons New York has, but there was not much to complain about.  There was no welcome amenity, but I suspect that was attributable to the on-the-fly room assignment by the desk clerk.  (To operate at top standards, hotel management should look after Virtuoso room assignments – and upgrades – prior to arrival so that rooms can be made ready for the specific guests.)

Guest room corridor
Guest room corridor

The living room was comfortable and had floor-to-ceiling windows.

I couldn’t get the desktop light to turn on
Daytime views of the Hudson River and New Jersey from the living room


There was a half bath near the entry door.

Half bath
Half bath

The minibar had a copper colored sink as well as a microwave oven.  A number of items in the bar were Trump-branded.

trumpsoho-03 trumpsoho-04 trumpsoho-05

Trump wine? No thanks!
Trump wine? No thanks!


The bedroom was in the corner and offered panoramic views of the Hudson and midtown.  The bed was reasonably comfortable, though seemed shorter than average.  I think it was a queen-sized bed, which should still be the longer length.

trumpsoho-09 trumpsoho-10 trumpsoho-11 trumpsoho-19

Daytime views of midtown
Daytime views of midtown

The master bathroom was very well appointed with both a tub and step-in shower.  The water pressure in the shower was great.

trumpsoho-13 trumpsoho-14 trumpsoho-12 trumpsoho-15 trumpsoho-16 trumpsoho-17

One more Trump-branded item…


The wire for the powered curtain in the bathroom was visible.  This should have been caught by housekeeping or maintenance.


I ordered the “Asian” breakfast from room service.  The “dim sum” (sort of) was very tasty.  The “congee” was a definite miss.  The berries (a side order) were very good.  My meal was delivered in about 25 minutes.

Dim sum - good!
Dim sum – good!
Purportedly congee? Miss!
Purportedly congee? Miss!

trumpsoho-28 trumpsoho-29 trumpsoho-30

I brought my swimming gear anticipating that I’d go for a swim in the evening or in the morning (in lieu of a run).  I didn’t write down the hours, but it opened later than I anticipated and closed earlier than I anticipated.  Sadly, my schedule didn’t line up with the pool’s mid-day hours.

Check-out was also very quick.  The Virtuoso credit for breakfast was applied without me asking (unlike my recent stay at the Rosewood Bermuda).  While the formalities were being completed, a bellman offered to help with my bags.

* * * * *

Though brief, my stay was reasonably good and quite a few of the soft factors that can go awry all played out very well at this property.  To be candid, my say was better than I expected.  If you can get past the associations with the name on the door (and on the building, and on the water bottles, and on the wine!), this is a reasonable choice to consider if you prefer to stay downtown.

At the time of this writing, it looks like rooms at this property are in the $500-$600/night range.  While not the raw value that I was able to take advantage of, it is still roughly half the price of many of the properties of similar quality located in midtown.  If you are flexible on your location, this property might be worth considering.


Trump Soho
246 Spring Street, New York, New York 10013
T: +1 (212) 842-5500

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