Aman Tokyo – A Wow Hotel

Overview: A high-luxe in-city hotel Strengths: Rooms, service, views, dining, facilities Drawbacks: None? In January 2015, I was on a two+ week Asian road show.  (More details on the overall trip to come at some point in the future.)  Whenever possible, I like to end my Asia trips in Tokyo, as it is the Pacific […]

Aman at Summer Palace – Good for some, not for all

Overview: A luxury property located on the outskirts of Beijing with a very unique feel Strengths: Off-hours access to Summer Palace, rooms, spa Drawbacks: Breakfasts (food and service), location (relative to much of Beijing)   This property is an interesting one.  I was generally pleased with my stay.  The property has a highly authentic Chinese […]

Asian Roadshow: Six Nights, Five Cities, Four (or maybe three) Countries

Business recently brought me to Asia for a whistle-stop tour of five cities.  These trips are tiring, as they typically involve multiple meetings (where I do the bulk of the presenting) and then an evening flight onward to the next city so that we are ready for the next day. This trip took me to […]